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How To Choose The Best Water Filter For Your Home

What Makes A Good Water Filter?

The doubts you had about the water in your home sinks, faucets, showers and even water in water fountains have turned out to be accurate as per the various studies that keep surfacing time and time again. This means that the everyday water we drink does contain hazardous amounts of heavy metals, pathogens and different types of chemicals. So instead of getting paranoid about the whole contaminated water study, the intelligent choice here would be to look for a viable solution. And even though there is no sure way to remove the contaminants in water absolutely, you can most definitely jot down the number of bacteria and contamination in your water. 

Your water quality is highly related to your overall health, and choosing a good water filter is a big part. While there are several options available, without knowing much about the details and specifications you should be looking for, finding the best water filter can become relatively complex. The best water filter struggles get even more overwhelming, with most brands claiming that they have found the ultimate solution and employing different technologies, which is quite hard for the human mind to comprehend with the jargon.

Choosing The Right Solution for Your Needs

The need for a water filter is not just limited to the water we drink, but good quality of water also plays a good role in our health and the well-being of our attires and several other items around the house. For example, getting a water filter for sink faucets and finding the best water filter for your shower will not only stop the shower holes from clogging but also prevent the infestation of bacteria. 

It should not come as a surprise that unfiltered water also threatens our skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin, the unfiltered water will cause surface level dryness and worsen the case of acne if it`s a pre-existing condition. Tap water has also been known to cause break out, clog pores and cause irritation on the skin. The added chlorine can worsen the matter by making the skin lose additional moisture. In addition, the amount of heavy metal in the water can trigger oxidation reactions, making items (sink, shower) decompose faster than usual.

Factors To Consider Before Deciding On A Water Filter:

When you are hunting for the best water filter, there are two factors that go into play when it comes to finding the best solution for you. First, the requirement as to what purpose that filter is going to serve; secondly, How effective the filter is. Both of these variables are crucial. However, A water treatment system will be useless if it does not serve the very purpose of its installation, i.e. contaminants in your water. This is why it is essential to get your water tested by professionals so that you can know what kind of impurities your water system contains. It can also stop you from overspending on a filtration system, similarly preventing you from going your amount into waste all at once if the filtration system does not fulfill its purpose. 

Rate Of Filtration: Getting an idea of how much of the filtered water you need on a daily basis will also help you in determining the type of filtration required to fulfill your needs, which can again serve as an indication as to which type of filter you should be investing your money in. You can compare this with the filtration rate of the filter consideration.

Water Quality:  A good water filter should not make your water free of contaminants and any impurities but also increase the overall quality of the water. Reduce the number of harmful materials while restoring beneficial mineral levels in the water.

Operating Cost And Installation: Your budget will play a detrimental role in the water filter you will be getting since the cost of the filter is the accumulation of various purification and removal of contamination processes water goes through, including the size of the water, its filtration and The amount of water it can store etc. A water filter with a remineralisation cartridge tends to cost more than one that does not have this option. There is also maintenance cost that incurs with most water filters, i.e. changing cartridges and changing filters on a timely basis. Nevertheless, if you know about the contaminants in your water, you can save a significant chunk of cash by not spending on unnecessary filtration processes. Even though filters might seem like an expensive investment in the first place, their benefits will outrun the cost invested in them in the longer run. 

Best Rated Water Filters Services and Brand In The Market Today

Regardless of the water filtration systems you opt for, filters used in the system also play just as crucial a role. While we have discussed the qualities of water filtration systems, the water filters need to be sourced from a quality manufacturer. 

 In my experience, I have found epic water filters to be one of the most trustful resources. You can find the equipment required for all your water filtration needs at the shop. They even have go-to filters for pitchers and water bottles in case you run out of water and need to refill it from the water fountain. You can also find filters for your individual needs, i.e. a separate water filter for the sink and another one for the shower and the whole. You can choose specific water bottles infused with modern filtration techniques to tackle the impure water problem. The prices are affordable while still delivering great quality water, which is the need of the hour. 

Conclusion: How to Choose the Right Solution for You and Your Home

We have mentioned time and time again in this article the significance of getting your water tested before you head out on the hunt for a water filtration system. Whole house filters can ensure what kind of water you are getting from every tap. But it sure does cost the big bucks. On the contrary, if the water in your tap is not harmful and does not contain threatening potents, getting a sink or countertop water filter will much easily suffice your water needs.