Privacy Policy Codestoshop

We at codestoshop acquire the trust of our significant clients. We plan a privacy policy that can ensure the client's wellbeing and privacy. We urge you to scrutinize our entire Privacy Policy with the objective that you will appreciate our commitment to you and your security.

What information do we collect?

We esteem that our client shared their data by putting trust in us, so we ensure your data and other individual information will be kept secure and not be spilled or utilized for any hurtful reason. The individual data incorporates your name, address, telephone number, email id, and address. Be that as it may, our group ensures your information stayed safe and got.
From the second you give us the individual information, join and begin shopping until your package has been conveyed to you. Your request is our duty, and if any accidents have occurred, codestoshop will bear the misfortune.

How do we use your information?

We just utilize your data to get to the administrations and bargains and confirm the installment and exchange. Your name and address are just imparted to an outsider, for example, messenger administrations, for conveyance purposes. We may utilize your information for the statistical surveying reason or plan and improve the web content or may use it for examining purposes. In any case, we ensure that your personality stays mysterious and won't ever make a terrible picture.


Our site utilizes cookies; large numbers of you ask what the cookies are? These are little content documents that guarantee the worker that your client is exceptional and perceive your PC IP address. It is utilized for your simplicity and saves time to give you a more improved shopping experience. Our site additionally utilizes Google Analytics. The workers of Google can store the data which is delivered by the cookies. The reason for assessing the site and accumulating its report action for the web client won't give your IP address to an outsider.
You may not permit the cookies, however, it will restrict admittance to the site. The grantee cookies won't survey any private data and won't contain any infections.

Age restriction

Kids' privilege and security is our most extreme need we ensure that youngsters under 13 won't permit to enroll or shop with us. We don't make the record for the person under 13 years without parental direction .people who are under 13 are not permitted to give any data in regards to your name, address, email id, and other individual information. On the off chance that we notice a record of a person under 13 without parental direction, we have the position to drop the record.

Security purpose

If you partook in the advancement and rivalries, we would get to your information like name, address, and contact subtleties for the additional cycle, however, your character stays secure.
We gather your information through the protected worker, which implies no unapproved client isn't permitted to see your data. We include the personality checks now and again for additional affirmation. Presently it is your obligation to get your password and device from the unapproved client. Around there, codestoshop isn't answerable for.

Customer support

At some random point, you feel unstable or compromised in regards to the abuse of individual data; you can straightforwardly contact our client delegate. We and our group, including our colleagues and others, ensure that all your information will stay free from any danger.


We may change this privacy policy from time to time. If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to ask us.