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An Innovation In The World Of Marketing Rakuten Linkshare

Do You Know What Affiliate Marketing Is?

Affiliate marketing is a promoting paradigm, working on firms to remunerate third-party publishers to generate traffic or drive the company`s services.

These are also known as the associates, and the commission fee encourages them to find ideas to expand and raise the business. But who will do all this for you? The answer is only one. Rakuten Advertising.

What Is Rakuten Advertising??

Rakuten advertising, previously known as Rakuten Marketing. In 2005, Rakuten Advertising was the largest affiliate marketing network. Rakuten acquired LinkShare, Rakuten LinkShare was then re-branded to Rakuten Affiliate Network in 2014.

They aim to innovate the Internet. They aim to make it a place where everyone is valued. How they made it possible? By connecting leading brands to publisher`s networks. They combined their vast media with pioneering artificial intelligence.

It is one of the world`s most comprehensive Internet service companies. They create value through revolution and entrepreneurship. Provides high-quality services that will make your business flourish like never before. They are enormously fulfilling their role of Global Innovation Company by raising stockholder and corporate value. You reach the authentic right customer through Rakuten`s vast media and spectators. Its advanced technology makes them stand out from others and enables them to offer innovative advertising strategies. More than 70 businesses and digital content creators make way to discoveries for more than 1 billion customers.

How Do They Work?

When visitors click on the product link or advertisement within an affiliate website, they will be redirected to the advertiser`s page. Once the visitor has entered the product page and purchases that product, the affiliate trailing link designates the transaction.  But the publisher will only be getting paid when the customer-generated through the affiliate market has purchased the product called the cost-per-action model. Moving further, the merchant asserts the purchase, and the transaction is credited to the affiliate`s website, and the affiliate gets paid.

Want To Be A Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Publisher?

Rakuten gives you the following options to be a publisher to choose when associating themselves with the website category. 

·         General shopping

·         Royalty rewards

·         Deals or coupons

·         Advertiser promotion through Search Engine Monetization

·         User-Generated platforms

·         Other


To be a part of Rakuten`s Affiliate Marketing Publishing Team, you need to register on their website.

Want To Be A Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Advertiser?

You need to fill the given form first hand and share your business information. You will be advised to select a niche as per your interest. They work with unique advertisers to draw affiliate marketing strategies. Pick the product that is more targeted. If their content is more relevant to your specific niche, you will get the maximum benefit of conversion. A visitor/publisher can easily find you by clicking on your link to find out the details to advertise your niche. It`s totally up to you that you accept or reject their application.

Pros and Cons Of Rakuten Advertising:


·     Simple user-interface. Easy to sign-up. You will find to share your basic details and the link to your webpage. You will get access to different marketing platforms after your account is approved. 

·   You can find some unique brands to work with including, Clarins, Melo, Sephora, and Spartan. You always find some excellent opportunities.

·      They use CPA and HTML systems to show ads.

·      They always provide their users with high-end analytics, which help them take their marketing to another level. The brand leverages artificial intelligence, data collection tools, and analytics to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign.

·       It has an incredible level of encryption to keep your data safe.

·      The customer support is beyond amazing. They are 24/7 available to help you in any regard. Either you want to make a phone call or just hit them up via live chat.

·       And the critical advantage is, their affiliate program is available for free of cost.



The only thing that might worry you a little is that they don`t have an option of an e-wallet. They only offer you two options, direct deposit or cheque, which might take ten days to reach you. Besides this, there is no specific payment term; you will only get paid when the vendor pays you.


Rakuten Marketing is operating multichannel campaigns for branding and promotions. They offer you the most advanced technologies and strategies, with easy use, gaining their trust for a long time now.