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Eastern Clothing Guide

We all have our preferences when it comes to fashion. Some of us enjoy attires that look chic and slick on the contrary others have a different yet intriguing definition of modern clothing. Having lived on either side of the world I.e (the USA and Pakistan) I think I can safely say that people on either side are quite different in terms of fashion, culture, and preferences in colors.

People prefer wearing darker colors and on the eastern side of the world, people are more inclined towards the clothing of color. Steering clear of death as a completely black outfit is only to be worn at funerals and is an indication of death which is considered taboo. 

Nevertheless, America is known for being the land of equal opportunities all around the world and many people have opted to immigrate to this land of wonders leaving behind their culture and country. But fashion is one thing that they can still access and find a sense of comfort in and this led to eastern wear being popular in the US.

What Is Eastern Wear?

Unlike most western clothing, in the eastern part of the world clothing is inspired and is made in line with religion and traditional customs. Religious beliefs and ancestral customs are believed to be essential to promote the preserved thoughts and mindset for generations to come. 

Whereas on the western end the dress code is often swayed by liberal thoughts. What fits, is in trend, and feels comfortable seems to be the common norm. Since society provokes individualism, their clothing is a depiction of their values and customs. Religion plays very little to no role in defining the dress code. But it cannot be denied that globalism has impacted the dress code in both parts of the world. East and west have both started to newer, modern methods of clothing along with modernized patterns which is a melting pot of all cultures. But we will specifically be talking about the eastern style of clothing in today`s blog post which has given light and great significance to modest clothing in the modern world.

Why Wear Modest Clothing

Just because you dress modestly does not mean you are conservative. Gone are the days of associating clothing with dominance. With more hip, fashion-savvy, and practical designs in the modern-day world women of today prefer fashion and comfort over anything, and here are some of the reasons why modest clothing is the perfect combination of fashion with comfort.

  1. Freedom of Movement: Too tight clothes restrict your movement, whereas short dresses often make it a problem to enjoy the evening comfortably without revealing more than we want to. Loose-fitted clothing will give you ease and access to freedom like never before. Modest clothing is a perfect companion for a casual day-out or dolled-up look.

  2. Commanding:  Nothing sparks confidence like a person who is comfortable in their own skin. The unpretentious style of clothing is friendly for all types of environments, whether you are heading to a job interview or have an upcoming presentation. Modest clothing is respectable like any other piece of attire.

  3. No Wardrobe Malfunctions: Modern attires with a deep hoop or v necklines often result in nips slips and the same is the case with short clothing and back-less attires. With modest clothing, the possibility of wardrobe malfunctions happening is far less. The layered outfits will keep you covered. 

  4. The epitome of Sophistication: Wearing tailored cuts and long draped dresses can help you appear more professional. People will be paying more attention to the idea and strategies you have in mind than your outfit.

  5. Timeless attires: Investing in modest clothing is economical as you can wear the same outfit to casual hangouts and to work meetings. And the best thing about it is that it never goes out of style. You can also pair the modest attires with light and minimalistic accessories to create a whole new look.

Where To Buy Modest Clothing

East Essence is an online store that specializes in affordable and fashion-forward modest dresses. It understands the significance dresses hold in middle-eastern and South Asian part of the world and is committed to bringing traditional yet cultural styles all across the world. You can find dresses from different countries i.e Moroccan, Pakistan, African, Bangladeshi, Turkish and indian. Not only do they keep experimenting with modest clothing but also provide the customization one seeks. From lengthening the garments to the fitting, adding more pockets to make the dress functional, and adding zippers for your convenience.

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