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Essential Guide To Womans Casual Wear

Smothering up the courage to try something new and deciding on a new fashion sense takes courage and bravery. While I admire the courage that falls behind it, we still need to figure out what sits well with which attire. 

Pairing up different types of articles is not what fashion is about. It is a statement you make for yourself. You would want this statement to be bold, classic, and much rather elegant. The way I see it, you can either follow your gut or take advice from the most renowned professionals. One of these fashion-forward stores is Lysse

Streetwear fashion is hard to follow, especially with the tremendous number of options available it becomes quite hard to mix and match. Since it is one`s go-to clothing apparel, they don`t really give it much thought, which is not the right mindset. Still, as the generation of nowadays hit adulthood, they feel more comfortable with sweats and hoodies than in a suit. But there are ways to pull off the streetwear and look just as remarkable in it. Here is everything you would require to make it happen.

Characteristics Of Casual Wear

Even Though streetwear focuses on a wide variety of designs, there are some basic features that each of them follows.

Comfort: The foremost goal of any streetwear outfit and apparel you choose to get your hands on is comfort. Whether you are comfortable wearing and walking around it, remember the only way to tell if it`s cool is if you feel cool in it.

Limited Edition: Often, people fall victim to never-ending sales and limited-edition options, following the trends and hype only to find themselves with a number of attires they don`t look good in. The limited-edition makes even the worst items look good for the time being, hence motivating us to make irrational decisions.

Light fabric: casual wear attires are made of light and breathable fabric, which is usually easier to move around. It gives you the room to test your capabilities while being in your comfort zone.

Let`s look at some essential casual wear attires that every woman should possess.

Taylor Seamed Legging


A seamed legging is a must-have for women not just because of its breathable and comfortable nature but for it being fashion-forward. With its all sides stretchable and 360 smoothening, you will be able to market your curves and still get into bars and clubs.  

Ponte Baby Bootcut


Easier to style boot-cut pants that are both work and party-friendly. Showcasing a seamless waistband with a pull-on feature with loops around the waist makes it formal-casual. The pant narrows around the hips and widen as they move down to the feet, pair it up with high heels and a bomber for a casual look or mix it with a white shirt for a more subtle look.

Connie Slim Button Down