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Halloween Themed Outfits Under USD 15

Wearing spooky costumes might have become a trend with the mythical belief that the supernatural creatures, demons, angels and the dead roam around the earth at this time. Something that started with nothing but stories has turned into a worldwide trend and is now celebrated all across. While it might be hard to get your desired costume this year there is nothing stopping you from getting in the Halloween spirit this spooky season. 

Going out for a casual hang or at a restaurant for dinner can cost you well over 20 Dollars. Who would have thought you can get yourself a complete outfit for the price of a dinner. In today`s article, we are bringing you a wide range of outfits, including accessories and garments that are under 20 Dollars. Outfits of such sorts will check all of your requirement boxes such as quality, quantity, slickness, and casualness for all sorts of places and parties.

You can make a Halloween costume out of it and as well as put them off for day to day use. Bellewholesale, an eCommerce based online store, brings all types of Halloween outfits to wear this season from undergarments, for sexy times to casual hang with friends at your favorite café. These outfits will make you drool, shoes, and accessories that not only pair well with the outfits but also fuel your Halloween nostalgia at the same time without further ado, let`s get into the dresses and accessories with prices starting as low as 3.79 Dollars.



Halloween Cartoon Drop Ghost Earring

In Spite of being an accessory, the earring provides a casual look for a rave or a spooky party and can be paired up with most of your Halloween costumes or outfits that keep the spirit alive. This cute artistry earring features a ghost shape as the name suggests with a cartoony eye and black outlook. These come at a jaw dropping price of 4.19 Dollars.

Halloween Pumpkin Graphic Pattern Rhinestone Decor Earrings

If you are not a fan of cartoonish style and would rather have something sober that also conveys the theme and lifts up your spirit then we would recommend you get your hands on these adorable earrings. Studded with artificial Diamonds that pop up and deliver the message. The earrings feature an orange pumpkin with candy corn and a ghost template hanging off the end of the pumpkin. 

Tops And Bottoms


Halloween Print Colorblock Frill Hem Cami Set

Add an adorable orange top into your Halloween themed clothes collection, which features a crop top with visible straps around the shoulder for better support with a pumpkin face feature printed on its front. The set also includes cute black shorts with a pumpkin emoticon and cartoonish cat printed on them. Pair it up with Rhinestone earrings to complete a full fledged party look. 

Halloween Cat Pumpkin Print Flap Design Romper

If you are looking for something more subtle but also a bit erotic and slick then definitely opt for this cat pumpkin printed romper, which can be worn as an overall, an outer layer, or just by itself if you are looking to spice things up. Pair them up with the rhinestone decor earrings and blue shorts for a more subtle party look. 

Halloween Skull Print Off Shoulder Eyelet Lace Up Sweatshirt Dress

Another one from the top notch archives, this cool and hot jumper with a shoulder off design that is appropriate for parties, casual hangouts or just your usual day out, Pair it up with a cute short and let the skull print on its front work its charm on people. The shoulder eyelet features a lace up sweatshirt and some floral work on the sweatshirt dress that is great for the fall weather 

And the chill weather brings with it.

Halloween Skeleton Print Top And Pocket Design Pants Set

This outfit is basically a two in one sort of deal for you. It features a top and bottom with a skeleton printed all over the outfit. However, Both the apparel can be used separately and can be paired up with various other combinations of tops and bottoms for a more unique and extravagant look. Can be a great costume idea for Halloween and lives up to your Halloween spirit during your days out.