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Style Guide To Add Colors To Your Wardrobe


When it comes to fashion men tend to settle down with basic colors and most commonly worn styles. However, if you want to stand out among the crowd it`s vital to use colors to your expertise, and liking. 

But to stand out one needs to leave their generic blue, gray and black forte. But it is natural to do so as the study conducted by the national library of medicine suggests that they include monochrome and neutral colors (i.e black, white, gray, blue, etc) whereas women and girls were inclined towards highlight colors (i.e pink, red, turquoise, etc).

The Study concludes that men are more inclined towards neutral making them rather basic and boring. To change the vibe, experiment with some new colors.

The style conundrum is going to get you eventually when you walk up to your closet and realize it`s nothing but neutral colors. Before we get to what types of funky and trendy outfits you should get on board, let`s work on how to decide on the color palette that works for you.

The Color Palette That Works For You

Each of one us is a different individual with different preferences. The word neutral is relative, for me the neutral colors would be blue, black, and gray, while for someone else it could be black white, and blue. There is no hard and fast rule of which color palette works for you and how well it works. The only thing to keep in mind while opting out colors is to decide what makes you feel sexy and confident inside out. But generally, when deciding on which colors look good you include a mix and match of base and highlight colors. To find out your true calling, you need to get yourself with the concepts of both.

Base color:  The base colors are going to be colors you will be buying your essentials in. They are going to be worn in and out of season and for years to come. These colors include but are not limited to khaki, beige, and navy. blue, black, tan, camel, etc. but once again if there is a color you wear now and then and it`s not part of the list, it is a base color for you regardless of whether we mentioned it or not. It is important to be precise about your preferences.

Highlight colors: Base colors are great and timeless, but what makes an outfit stand out is the combination of base colors with the right highlight colors. Highlight colors are all the colors that do not fall on the spectrum of your base(i.e red, yellow, pink, orange, green, yellow, light blue, etc). They are bound to make your outfits pop and stand among the crowd. 

Break The Usual Cycle And Be Trendy

If you have a bunch of highlight colors all you need are some basics to mix and match. You can follow these 5 Top Styles to get an idea of the best combinations or just shop through  MensClo


A simple procedure on art styles, different textual fonts, graphic text, and pictures sewed on a shit. It also includes two different pieces of clothing patched together to make a complete item. A combination of base and highlight colors in the right proportion. The style is on the rise and followed by a mass number of individuals. Due to its subtle and unique nature and a mix and match color palettes you can expect your fashion sense to be amplified.

Vintage Corduroy 

An up-and-coming style usually refers to an old style of fashion that in most instances was made at least 20-100 years ago. Once again this particular piece of fashion trend experiments with a combination of highlight and base colors. Giving each individual a chance to express themselves. Increasing individuality of people and giving them an option to not be duplicated. Perhaps an old calling with the combination of base and highlight colors.

The MensClo collection of vintage is one classy way to add pop colors while reinventing your wardrobe.


Plaid Patterns

Plaid patterns became part of the Casual streetwear in the early 1990s. Plaid usually includes two different kinds of patterns. Asymmetrical check along with the shirts and irregular Complex vertical and horizontal lines on the chest. At MensClo you can find both kinds of plaid patterns, But what makes the outlet rather unique is the combination of base color with plaid patterns. Add pop-colored T-shirts and use the neutral plaid pattern hoodies or shirts to become part of the most trendy Casual streetwear. Plaid patterns also symbolize togetherness, providing lonely individuals a sense of belonging and becoming part of every growing family.

Classic Stripe

Classic stripes came into fashion in the late 1960s and are making a comeback this spring with their unique blend of pop color stripes on base colors shirts. The prominent style not only adds style to your wardrobe but due to vertical lines it often makes you look taller. It is commonly referred to as the neutral of the print world. To get an idea of how good it can look on oneself, check out the classical retro collection of MensClo to get familiar with the optimum combination of base colors with highlight colors. Best paired with pieces of denim, khaki, or pants of other base colors. 

Cozy Kimono

This particular fashion trend has recently started to garner popularity among people in the United States because of its versatile nature. The cozy kimono is originally from Japan that endures the capability of being worn in all types of seasons. It can be made thinner or thicker depending upon the preference of the person, generally worn as a gown with a sash around the waist. This particular piece of fashion uses articulated fabric, pictures, nature, and patterns. If the fabric is of base colors the prints or patterns on the piece of clothing are of highlight colors and vice if the fabric is of pop color. Be the trendsetter by getting these kimonos from MensClo instead of being a trend follower. 

While the following trends are one way to add colors to your wardrobe, it is not the only way. You can use accessories, pop color layers with neutral base layers. Your everyday “item carrying bag” or the essentials you need on a day-to-day basis and Leather bracelets are one of the accessories to add colors to your wardrobe. By shopping for Shoes with vivid colors you can add colors to your wardrobe. Don`t feel bound by the need to match your everyday items, I am sure it can match but there is no obligation to do so!